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Twelve years ago Absolute Value was a small group of real estate appraisers who did one thing extremely well—real estate appraisal. 

We loved what we were doing and our clients appreciated the superior service we provided. When changes in banking regulations necessitated the need for appraisal management companies, our clients asked us for guidance.

They trusted that we were qualified to step in and meet their needs for management of their entire work pipelines. We re-grouped, got organized for appraisal management and made a lot of new friends to eventually build a nationwide network of appraisers. We were able to meet clients’ needs and to foster good relationships with appraisers who came to realize that Absolute Value Management was not a typical AMC. Because our company roots were in appraisal, we had a great respect of the skills and knowledge of those in the field. Happy appraisers. Satisfied customers. Slam-dunk.

A few years ago, another opportunity arose when one of our clients asked us to step in to manage a handful of properties that had landed in their portfolio as a result of foreclosures. Our vast network of contractors, our ability to evaluate return on improvements and our regional expertise (thanks to our hundreds of appraisers who live and work in their own neighborhoods, all over the country) had us perfectly aligned for property management and gave us a unique advantage over existing property management companies.

We quickly stepped in, secured the properties, evaluated their conditions and recommended updates to either maximize return on investment or to minimize loss. We were then able to arrange and oversee any construction or repairs, maintain the properties' exteriors and interiors, and finally use our valuation network and experience to advise on local market conditions and listing price. We had great success across the board and continued to get requests to manage properties.

Today, Absolute Value Property Management (AVPro) has four offices along the East Coast and offers services covering every aspect of property management.

Along the way, we also developed a service that allows homeowners to order valuation reports online. Based on answers to very specific property-related questions, real, live valuation professionals create a report (not a computer generated value) that mirrors what you would expect from a full real estate appraisal. Neighborhood Comp Check gives homeowners a realistic and solid basis for making their own real estate decisions—at a low cost and within a few days.

What’s next? We have some ideas . . . and we’ve had a few requests that would aim us in the direction of real estate sales. So here we are. Our clients have come to us looking for direction and we have led the way. That’s what we do. We partner with our clients to solve problems and provide exceptional service.

Comprehensive and Integrated Real Estate Management, Valuation, Consulting and Sales
Our clients have come to us looking for direction and we have led the way. That’s what we do. We partner with our clients to solve problems and provide exceptional service.
Jeffrey Woerz
Director, Absolute Value Management

Jeff is a lifelong resident of lower Fairfield County, Connecticut and Greater New York. His more than 20-year career spans real estate marketing, real estate sales, appraisal, starting his own appraisal company, acting as a director in an appraisal management company, and creating and developing Absolute Value Property Management (AVPro). AVPro was a natural extension of Jeff’s expertise and extensive experience with selling, appraising and renovating complex properties with market externalities and stigmas; including flood damage, mold infestation and contamination.

Jeff’s first position in real estate marketing and sales was with Coldwell Banker in 1999, where he was a Licensed Real Estate Agent. In 2006, Jeff left Coldwell Banker to work for Milligan Realty as a Licensed Real Estate Agent. He is still currently affiliated with Milligan. The jump into appraisal come in 2001 when Jeff began work as a Licensed Appraiser with Mitchell, Maxwell & Jackson; and then continued on with Norman Hubbard Appraisals. It was in 2003 that Jeff founded his own appraisal company, which has grown to be a premiere appraisal company for the Connecticut and New York area. In 2011, Jeff partnered with Collin Lord to create and launch Absolute Value Property Management. By combining resources, experience, business affiliations, and expertise, Jeff and Collin were able to start AVPro at a professional level that takes other startups a decade to reach. AVPro was able to serve a wide variety of clients, with any and all variations of services designed to provide comprehensive and integrated property management. In 2013, Jeff was welcomed as Director at Absolute Value Management (AVM) where he was able to expand the geographic span and service level of AVM.

As Director at AVM, one of the largest appraisal management firms in the Northeast, Jeff oversees all assignments within Connecticut and New York. He also actively runs the day-to-day operations of AVPro, now a premiere property management company servicing all real estate sectors including REO, commercial, residential, investment, under construction, to-be-built, facility and property preservation efforts.

Professional Licensure
Certified Residential Appraiser: Connecticut, New York , Florida, Virginia Licensed Real Estate Agent: Connecticut, New York

Trinity College - Hartford, ConnecticutBachelor of Economics, Minor in Formal Organizations, 1996

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Collin Lord
President, Absolute Value Management

Collin started his dynamic valuation career in Burlington, Massachusetts with the co-founding of real estate appraisal firm, Grasso Appraisal Services. Between 1986 and 2003, Collin worked to develop Grasso into the largest residential real estate appraisal firm in New England. Grasso Appraisal Services employed over fifty appraisers and ten support staff, who completed in excess of 20,000 appraisals per year.

In 2003, Collin moved on from Grasso to create his own real estate appraisal company, Absolute Value Inc. (AVI). Headquartered in Boston, AVI quickly became a Boston area and Eastern Massachusetts appraisal leader. Through AVI, Collin created a much-needed platform for providing appraisers with training, development and support. His passion for supporting appraisers and promoting growth of the appraisal industry kept him active in managing, teaching, presenting and overseeing appraisal training. During this time, Collin became a Co-Instructor with Regional HUD chief appraiser, Chris Kline, and implemented an appraisal education program with Greater Boston Real Estate Board. Collin expanded AVI’s coverage area by creating an Arizona-based appraisal group servicing western Arizona, California and Nevada.

AVI continues to thrive today as a regional real estate appraisal company with expertise in New England valuations. As AVI’s Founder, President and Chief Appraiser, Collin continues to be active in management, client development, appraising, consulting and expert testimony in matters of valuation. Collin created Absolute Value Management (AVM) in 2009 to effectively manage his clients' appraisal needs while ensuring compliance is met. Today, Absolute Value Management is New England's largest Appraisal Management Firm with offices in Boston, Massachusetts; Riverside, Connecticut; New York, New York; and Celebration, Florida.

Absolute Value Property Management (AVPro) was launched in 2011 in partnership with career Real Estate Agent, Certified Residential Appraiser and highly successful industry business owner, Jeff Woerz. AVPro is Collin’s most successful venture to date.

Professional Licensure
Certified Residential Appraiser - Massachusetts

Bates College - Lewiston, Maine
Bachelor of Science, Geology, 1984

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